1. The present Treaty shall enter into force only if it is signed by both parties in possession of the landlord and the agreed deposit payment is received. If the duly signed contract and the agreed payment has not arrived within 14 days after issuance of the contract with the landlord, so this has the right to the property without further notice and without regard to the tenant somehow be liable, otherwise rent. Exceptions to this rule are short-term leases within 14 days before arrival, this will take effect immediately, when the contract Exhibition in force. Even without contracts or deposit when booking online on the homepage of the landlord, the contracts immediately from contract date of issue are valid and need not signed werden.Massgebend are sent back to the remainder of the Terms set out below, the hirer's signature or made online booking recognizes.

2. The tenant acknowledges that the landlord, holiday Seestrasse B. and K. Ulber, order of each apartment owner is. For claims of any kind on the part of the tenant, the apartment owner, which is communicated to the tenant in exceptional cases to prosecute.

3. If the tenant can not be agreed the holiday, he shall notify the landlord as soon as possible. But he remains liable for the rent unless another rental during the intended stay is possible. The apartment can be rented out, and only a processing fee of CHF 50 - will be charged and a possible commission that must be paid to a third party if the apartment as is rented through booking.com or Lenzerheide marketing and support AG on. If the agreed rental period do not fully complied with, it is nevertheless the entire rent for the time to be paid. Regarding earlier termination of the contract, the provisions of the Swiss Code of Obligations apply.

4. It is advisable to take out cancellation insurance.

5. It should be noted that pets are not allowed in the apartments, except in designated specifically for housing and if a pet is listed for the services.

6. Guests duties of Lenzerheide is CHF 3.30/Night/Person, children 6-12 years 50%. These must be paid in cash to the landlord during the stay, unless they are already listed in the contract and included in the rent.

7. The following services are included in the rent: 1 x per person bed linen, terry towel, bath towel, kitchen towels, bath mat, parking, electricity, heating, water. The other services are listed below in the contract.

8. Complaints regarding the rental property, the tenant has the same at the time of taking possession, otherwise it is assumed that the have with the inventory at agreed in the contract moderate, good condition found.

9. The tenant agrees to keep the leased premises by him together with the inventory and also used by the tenant Internet access from harm and with all keys and accessories cede again at the end of the rental period. Damaged or unusable items must be replaced in such a way that the landlord suffers no disadvantage. The apartment must be swept clean at delivery. (Deduct laundering of bedding, waste disposal, dishwasher and refrigerator dispelled clean and open left) Abnormal high pollution, eg Oven cleaning, stains, dog hair, etc. can be charged separately.

10. The Tenant further agrees to undertake nothing of the house, the owner of the apartment and the inventory derogatory, everything somehow faulty damaged or appears without delay to notify the landlord and wholly or partially to the rented neither sublet nor may the apartment only max . are occupied by those persons as beds are available.

11. Any damage to the house or on the inventory are to be borne by the tenant. In the toilets or drains without obstructing objects may be thrown.

12. Where the contract does not contain specific provisions, Articles 253-274 of the Swiss Code of Obligations.

13. For any dispute arising from the contract, the place of jurisdiction shall be the rental property. Swiss law shall prevail.